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Denizli Private Girls Dormitory Has Opened 30-09-2010
Shots from my beloved life - Slideshow 04-10-2008
Modern Houses are ready to live 02-05-2008
In Servergazi where is One of the most popular sitting area of the city, Modern houses are ready to live.

photos are at
I Love My House with Aygören 14-03-2008
Have you seen the Sample Flats? 02-09-2007
Sample flats suited to different preferences in the "Modern Evler" (Modern Houses) blocks which have been built in the Servergazi area is waiting your visit for the "love at first sight". Contact us for an immediate visit to the sample flats or to
Migros and Denizli meet together again 09-08-2007
On 30 may 2007, Migros and Denizli meet together again by the works of Aygören Construction and Migros. The opening of the market was done by the customers who came in earlier hours of the day. The market will service again as MM Migros.
Migros prefered Aygören Construction 10-07-2007
The most prefered and reliable chains of supermarket Migros will meet denizli again by Aygören Construction. Migros, in çamlık ulus street and on the way of Pamukkale University and Denizli anatolian High school, was built as 1800 m2 close area. The
Kale Houses are meeting with their owners 01-07-2007
In Üçler where is the new attraction center of the city, Kale Houses constructions which have 4 blocks and 60 flats are waiting the owners. There are big demands in a short time.

By the effects of industrialized city and high population the

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