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2 blocks in Denizli Servergazi. 20 flats in it. hury up for limited flats.

  • Single type flat 181 m2

  • About MODERN HOUSES Single type flat 181 m2 :
    In all flats


    Ceramic and faience in wet volume

    Laminated parquet in living room, laminate parquet in other rooms

    First class kitchen and vitrify groups

    MDF lam inlaid cupboard inside rooms

    First class aluminium chopping

    Granite windows and balcony splashboards

    Satin water base paint on inner walls

    Papier mache on living room ceilings

    woody plated over mdf inner doors

    Steel entrance doors

    Marble ground in building entrance and common areas

    15 tons capacity water storage and pressure tank on basement

    barbecue on balcony.

    MODERN HOUSES Single type flat 181 m2 / m2:
    Salon 40,32m2
    A Balkon 9,94m2
    B Balkon 9,25m2
    A Child room 18,84m2
    B Balkon 15m2
    Entree 14,08m2
    Wc 3,60m2
    Bathroom 6,30m2
    Bathroom 3,06m2
    Sleeping room 22,38m2
    Kitchen 21,00m2
    Terrace 17,11m2
    B Child room 15m2